Device removing bad smell for toilet stool

양변기용 냄새제거 장치


본 발명 양변기용 냄새제거 장치는 화장실에 설치된 양변기에서 용변을 보는 동안 발생하는 냄새를 변기 내에서 바로 흡입하여 외부로 배출할 수 있도록 함으로써 쾌적한 화장실 환경을 제공하는 것은 물론 수조 내부에 설치되어 물을 공급하는 급수관의 물의 양을 제어하는 볼탭과 부자에 이상이 있을 때는 냄새를 흡입하는 배수관으로 물이 유입되어 수로로 배출함으로써 수조에 물이 넘치는 것을 방지하는 특징이 있다.
An odor removal device for a toilet bowl is provided to keep a toilet pleasant by inhaling toilet odor and exhausting to the outside, to cut off the inflow of water to an exhaust fan along a drain pipe, a connection pipe and an exhaust pipe when water is oversupplied to a water tank due to the malfunction of a ball tap and a float and to discharge water to a waterway of a toilet bowl through a drain pipe. An odor removal device(1) for a toilet bowl comprises a drain pipe(11) erected in a water tank and provided with an outlet formed at the top, a fastening pipe fastened to a fastening hole of a waterway and a fastening hole of a water tank and a hinge(15) to move a siphon stopper(12) opening and closing the outlet vertically by operating together with an opening and closing lever by a wire(29), a connecting pipe(5) connected to close up the upper part of the drain pipe tightly, a water suction opening and closing unit(6) provided with a first air inflow hole to connect with the drain pipe and an air inflow cutoff ball(9) to open and close the first air inflow hole, and an air suction opening and closing unit(17) provided with a second air inflow hole to let air in the inside of a discharge pipe(4) and a connecting pipe or to cut off the inflow of air.




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