Centrifugal separator


A centrifugal oil cleaner assembly, adapted to be mounted on a support at its upper end and to depend from the support, comprises a first housing member (1), a second housing member (110) sealingly engageable with the upper end of the first housing member to form a chamber, a substantially vertical shaft (70) mounted in the chamber, a rotor (10) carried by the shaft and within the chamber, the shaft serving to releasably secure the first housing member to the second housing member by means of a screwthread connection (113) and to carry the weight of the first housing member and the rotor, means (103, 112, 70, 72) for supplying oil to be cleaned under pressure through the second housing member to the interior of the rotor, said means including a passageway in the upper end of the shaft, nozzle outlets (14, 15) to discharge oil from the rotor into the chamber and by reaction cause the rotor to rotate, and an oil outlet (2) for removing oil from the chamber. Such an arrangement permits rapid and easy replacement of a disposable rotor in a separator of the type suspended by its upper end. <IMAGE>




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