Improvements relating to supporting devices for the all-weather equipment of vehicles


211,603. Mitcheson, G. G., and Sumner, A. E. Dec. 1, 1922. Weather screens.-In side-curtain equipment of vehicles for use as part of an all-weather opening top or alone and comprising a spring-controlled cranked rod for supporting the curtain and adapted to co-operate with a stop when the door is opened, the stop is so constructed as to allow the spring controlling the cranked rod to be tensioned by rotation of the cranked rod in situ. The cranked rod comprises a part E, Fig. 1, for supporting the edge of the curtain D, a cranked part E<1>, and a lower part E<2> inserted in a socket F in the door B and surrounded by a torsion spring H with its lower bent end H<1> engaging a slot in the part E<2> and its upper end held in position by a cover plate J for the socket. The action of the spring H causes the part E of the rod to hold the edge of the curtain D resiliently against the adjacent curtain, but allows the hand of an occupant to be thrust out as a warning. A stop G on the door acts as an abutment for the cranked part E<1> of the rod, or a lug thereon, to prevent undue movement of the rod when the door is opened, and to allow the spring H to be wound up when the parts are in situ, the stop G is so constructed that it allows the part E<1> to pass over it in the opposite direction to that in which the spring H tends to move it. For this purpose, the stop may be a spring-pressed latch, Fig. 4, or be movable downwards against spring action, Fig. 5. In modifications, the cranked rod may be built up of two or more parts, the socket for the cranked rod may be independent metal socket and may be situated elsewhere, and other forms of spring may be used.




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