Air filtering apparatus


An air filter comprises a housing having a partition 10 dividing the housing into first and second airtight zones, a plurality of tubular pleated paper filter elements located horizontally within the first zone and having open ends communicating with apertures formed in the said partition whereby air from said first zone can pass to the said second zone via the said filter elements, an inlet 71 for dirty air into the top of the first said zone and a baffle plate 27 located between the inlet and the filter elements whereby incoming air is deflected over and around the said filter elements. Preferably there is also provided a perforated screen on either side of the filter elements extending from below the baffle plate, said screens containing 55-65% open spaces and acting as coarse filters for removal of fibrous materials from the dirty air before it passes through the filter elements. The elements are cleaned by reverse flow jets. <IMAGE>




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